Of unknown origins, the dragon people hail from the city of Jahir (once known as The Gem of the Desert). In recent times Jahir has become fractured‒divided into three factions, all of them vying for control of the city.

Dragon Ancestry in Shadowlance

Dragonborn exist much the same way in Shadowlance as they do in the Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms settings. However, the people of Shadowlance have different names for dragon ancestr (in many cases because of differing appearances different appearances).

Pellucid (Law Dragons)

COMMON Name Shadowlance Name
Bronze Sapphire
Green Emerald
Gold Ruby

Volcanic (Neutral Dragon)

COMMON Name Shadowlance Name
Brass Scoria
Black Obsidian
Silver Rhyolite

Corrosive (Chasos Dragon)

COMMON Name Shadowlance Name
Blue Azurite
Copper Malachite
Red Rust