Swallowpeak Mountain Range

Swallowpeak Mountains

Nearly bisecting the continent, the Swallowpleak range stretches from the northern ice planes, all the way south to the border of Carthas and the broken kingdom. The mountain range is divided into the northern and southern ranges by a small valley, the center of which holds the city of LÏdenborough. While the southern range is mostly barren except for a few mountain paths, the northern range holds a rich history and a culture that thrives, in spite of the cold and wind.

The Spoji [SPO-JEE]

The Spoji are rather isolationist people and rarely venture outside the mountain range. Most are content with living out their lives in their tiny section of the world. Because of this isolation, few in Shadowlance know more about them beyond the general understanding that people might live up in the mountains. This is little more than speculation for most, and tales of their existence are little more than legend to them. There is just as much fact as fiction woven into the stories that the people of surrounding lands tell of the Spoji.

Rather than having a town or city, the Spoji have family homesteads, composed of their immediate and extended family. The homesteads (which are built into the sides of cliffs) are added onto as the family grows.

Dwarven Ruins

Long ago, the mountain dwarves built their great underground cities into the Swallowpeak mountains, but they were forced to leave for reasons that have been lost in the mists time. Now the old dwarven strongholds in the Swallowpeak Mountains remain barren, lying in wait for those with the courage and ambition to find their hidden treasures.