Human Kingdom of Froust

The Broken Kingdom of Froust

By far the largest land in all of Shadowlance, the Kingdom of Froust is a land of fractured cities. Once united under the rule of the last Monarch of the Froustian throne, tryst, the land has since fallen into a loose confederation of cities, each with their own goals and wants.


With walls of the strongest granite, LÏdenborough is the most safe place to be within all of the land of shadowlance. Given it’s intense security, many from the surrounding lands move here to make a life for themselves. Out of all the cities in the kingdom of Froust, this one is the most diverse.


The city of glimmer rests on the southern coast of Shadowlance just between Carthas and the Southern Swallowpeak Mountains. Boasting both a rich population of magic users as well as a thriving academy for those seeking learning about the arcane arts, Glimmer makes a strong case for the most magically inclined city in the realm.


Created out of principle, Stalkvard is the home of many of the Gnomes of Shadowlance. There, they conduct research, craft items, and practice magic. All this is accomplished even while in the frigid wastes of the northern ice planes.


Though not immediately notable, waterforde is an small cozy fishing town known for it’s hospitality. Many traveling up or down the coast find themselves staying the night there, due to its proximity to the great roads of the Froustian kingdom. It is also a favored source of fish, due to its proximity to LÏdenborough.