A Letter from Josa

Welcome adventurer to the land of Shadowlance! A vast expanse of land full of bustling cities, dense dark forests, searing deserts, and and frigid ice planes.

It is unfortunate that you happen to enter our world at such a dark time, the Froustian kingdom has been divided for nye two thousand years now, the once great gem of knowledge (the city of Jahir) has erupted in civil war, and barbarian tribes raid and ransack the border towns of the broken kingdom.

But I suppose that is why you are here, for it is not often that adventures travel to lands of peace and tranquility. Unfortunately time is short and I have many things to attend to in Lïdenborough, I wish you well and may The Just One Smile upon your endeavors.

Josa Markal
Master wizard of the kingdom of Froust and high advisor to the city council of LÏdenborough